Showcase: The Way Forward

Alrighty then, here’s what we’re going to do about last week’s hosed !Show.
I’m simply going to extend the final vote count deadline to this coming Sunday night — December 28th. By then I should have the scans in working order and whoever has the most votes as of Sunday night will be declared the winner.
This isn’t a perfect solution of course; among other things, it means that you must ensure that your links are still there on Sunday night for them to be counted. Votes cast last Sunday that have scrolled off your front page will not count, so please re-post ’em if necessary.
Also: there are a number of blogs which submitted their entries this week. Rather than kick them out, I am going to let them continue on, but will also allow them to re-submit in a future week if they choose to, given that they may not have realized that the contest was hosed up this week. And given the troubles overall, I will also extend the same offer to anyone who joined in the first week. To repeat in more simple terms: anybody who is currently in the contest and feels they’ve gotten hosed will be allowed to enter again on another week.
In other news, those of you paying close attention may have noticed that there is a new Alliance in town — Blogdom of God. From their manifesto:
A new Alliance has been forged. The God Blogs have begun to unite. This potentially formidable force is rallying aroung the banner of ‘The Blogdom of God’. Although now a small alliance, which could be seen to be like a mustard seed, will it grow as in the parable to be a large tree that birds can nest in?
Their membership has developed rapidly over the past week, and they have 40 members at last count. So, with this Sunday night’s contest, they will be eligible to compete for the Showcase sponsorship contest.
That’s it for now; I’ll post something this weekend when I have a better idea whether the scans are back up to snuff or not…