Back to Basics

OK folks, a little announcement. I’ve decided to return to my roots, so to speak, and try to focus more of my blogging energies on, well, blogging. Writing. Thinking. Yammering away and sharing my allegedly creative energies with y’all through my own little corner of the blogosphere here at TTLB.
The !Eco will stay, and I’ll continue to maintain it, as I think I’d be lynched if I tried to shut it down. But I’m putting the !NBS, and pretty much everything else, on indefinite hiatus. The Showcase has run its course, I think, and quite frankly, it just hasn’t been much fun lately. It turned into more work than pleasure, and to be blunt, this is a hobby, and I’m in it for the fun.
As a reminder to myself of this refound purpose, I’ve hacked the Ecosystem to restrict my own inbound links — and ranking — to be based only on the links I get to the TTLB front page and individual posts. No longer will inbound links to the Ecosystem, the Showcase, the Alliances pages, or any of the other nonsense around here count towards my ranking. This is hardly perfect, of course; I’m sure plenty of people link to my front page because of the Ecosystem and don’t care one whit for my purple prose. But hey, it’s a symbolic gesture, so take it for what it’s worth.
As a result, I’ve dropped down (less than I had expected, actually) to a Playful Primate. I kind of like it down here. Maybe someday I’ll make it back up to Mortal Human status, or, heaven forbid, ascend once more to the celestial temple of the Higher Beings. But this time around, if it happens, it will be for my writing, not my gadgets.
Life is still busy, so I promise no miraculous return to the long-past days (of unemployment) when I posted every day, many times a day. But I’ll try to pick up the pace a bit. I hope you’ll stick around to see it.