When Stewart Attacks

If you didn’t catch it, you absolutely must watch Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire.
I disagree with many of Stewart’s positions, and sometimes I think the way he covers Iraq is genuinely and disturbingly harmful.
But he’s probably the funniest, sharpest wit on television today. And in this segment, he demonstrates why you don’t ever want a really funny, sharp guy gunning for you. It’s a rare moment to be cherished when you can see the hyperscripted world of big media actually go off the rails before your very eyes, and that’s exactly what Stewart delivered.
Begala and Carlson were absolutely lost; Stewart jumped out of his little box and they had no clue how to put him back in. They showed up for a nice game of chess; he showed up with boxing gloves and calmly and methodically proceeded to beat the crap out of them.
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