Heroes For Bush: Roundup

Without further delay, we present the Heroes for Bush blogburst.
The blogburst is now complete, with over 50 heroes declaring for Bush! Thanks to all who participated, and if you haven’t done so already, please link directly to this roundup post to spread the visibility. Thanks again!
OK, one more: Jim Geraghty of emails: Indiana Jones: “(sigh) al-Qaeda. I hate these guys.” And Professor Henry Jones: “The quest in Iraq is not nation-building, it’s a race against evil. If it is captured by the Islamists, the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the earth. Do you understand me? ”
Via Terriorists, Mr. Peabody takes Sherman on a tour of Kerry’s past, leading him to exclaim: “Make it stop, Mr. Peabody. It’s giving me a headache.”
Via Carniverous Conservative, General Patton: “…we have the finest food and laptops, the best looking women, and the best lawyers in the world. You know, by god, I actually pity those poor bastards we’re goin’ up against. ”
Via Minion of the Great Satan, Paul Kersey: “…from one reformed bleeding heart liberal to another, take my advice. Vote for George W. Bush for President.” Bonus: Sargeant Schultz endorses Kerry!
Via Right Wing Canadian, Don Cherey: “I hope Bush is reelected because we don’t want those European and French guys calling the shots on this war. We need to win, and to do that we need to take out all those bastards that want to take our guys out.”
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Via Sine Qua Non, John McClane: “”Yippee-ki-yay, motherf****r.” Bonus: Tracy Flick! Magnum Force! Marathon Man! High Noon! Casablanca!
Via Abraca-Pocus, Spike: “Let’s annihilate those terrorists, for justice, and for… the safety of puppies… and Christmas, right?”
Via Urthshu, Bonnie & Clyde: “We’re votin’ Bush. After we rob a bank.”
Via Editors in Pajamas, Alf: “I’m standing as tall as I can beside the President. My home, planet Melmac, has been a strong ally of the President’s offensive plan to combat this terror threat…”
Via The Laughing Wolf, Robert Mitchum: “Men, soon only going to be one type of person left on this beach, those that voted for Kerry. The rest of us are going to vote for Bush and take this fight to the enemy.”
Via Ghost of a Flea, Buffy: “That Whedon has reached a different conclusion about how this is to be expressed beyond the world of Sunnydale, California does not change this fact: the Hellmouth has opened and there are demons to be dispatched.”
Via Ranten N. Ravens, Xander explains voting to Buffy: “There’s a nest of human terrorist “vamps” that want to kill us all. Just like you go and hunt down vamps here, we need guys like Riley who hunt down the terrorists in there nests over there….”
Via Muledriver, A very confused John Kerry: “The bottom line is that we need a Texas cowboy in the White House! I mean, seriously, can you imagine if the country elected, say, some uber-liberal, UN-ass-kissing, elitist politician from…I don’t know, Massachusetts?”
Via One Stack Mind, Angel: “”If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.” Bonus: Captain Mackenzie Calhoun & Batman
Via Mountaineer Musings, Sydney Bristow & friends: “…while President Bush has been in power, I have never once been asked to work for a “French” part of the agency, I have only been asked to shoot French terrorists. So vote for Dubya, or work for the French.”
Via Dagney’s Rant, Buck Ramsey: “There are too many “gray shades” to the left. That is what they are afraid of our President. He sees a job that needs to get done, and he does it. ..”
Via Frank J, Jayne Cobb: “I like that Bush fella; he speaks my language. When he sees trouble, he doesn’t waste time talking; he just runs in there shooting. That’s the way it’s done…”
Via Protein Wisdom, Alfred E. Newman: “What, me worry? You’re goddamn right…”
Via An Elephant in My Pajamas, a little Gilbert and Sullivan: “He is the very model of the modern chief executive / His leadership has shown me that his terms should be consecutive…”
Via Shining Full Plate and a Good Broadsword, Lt. Jean Rasczak: “There IS NO negotiating on my team! And there IS NO negotiating on Bush