Swift Vets On Capitol Steps This Sunday

UPDATE: This rally has been cancelled; see
NavyChief at the SwiftVets forum has called “all hands on deck” for a demonstration on the Capitol Steps against Kerry this Sunday:
Do you really want to defeat Kerry as President?
Do you really feel deep down in your heart that this is the most important Presidential election in our history?
Will you sit by and watch as others try to defeat him?
Brothers and Sisters, how many people will be on the Capitol steps this Sunday, surrounded by media outlets and reporters from various organizations?
Will you join POWs in telling Kerry — YOU ARE NOT FIT TO COMMAND!

In a later update, he indicates:
I am going to try and use my humble contacts and exert pressure on Zell Miller and many other politicians to join us.
And finally:
Do you trust me?
What I posted earlier about Kerry’s discharge is coming.
– Chief

That would be this, which was subsequently removed from the Swift Vets forum. Interestingly, these notes haven’t been, which I guess either means the forum admins / SwiftVets leadership are now confident enough in the story to let NavyChief run with it — or, they’re just a little slow on the uptake in scouring posts on a Friday night.
The Swift Vets are going for broke on this, I think: it’s all or nothing now. As many of their forum posters have pointed out, the evidence on the discharge will be key. If the allegations are true and Kerry received a less than honorable, the effect will be nuclear and the MSM won’t be able to ignore it. If the evidence doesn’t exist — or the charges are false — then the Sunday rally will still be worth trying, but will have a far smaller chance of making any real impact in the deafening roar of last-minute messaging the campaigns will be in by then…
Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy sends the following details:
Date: Sunday Oct. 31, 2004
TIME: 1 PM meet at Naval Archives {NOT yard}
2 PM walk to Capital Building
DRESS: business/casual {yellow ribbon would be nice}
METRO INFO: Metro Transit web site for the subway routes. http://www.wmata.com

UPDATE: This rally has been cancelled; see here