Annoying your bosses for fun and profit

Forlorn over the utter pointlessness of kicking John Kerry around anymore, Kaus has been filling that particular void in his life by jumping ugly on Howard Kurtz, media reporter for the Washington Post and host of CNN’s Reliable Sources.
Mickey has consistently criticized (mocked, really) Kurtz for failing to say even a word about the contoversy surrounding CNN chief Eason Jordan’s allegation that U.S. troops have deliberately killed journalists in Iraq.
The delicious twist, of course, is that Mickey himself is now an employee of The Washington Post since the paper acquired Slate last month.
So Mickey is actually now criticizing the media reporter — and by association, the leadership of — his very own employer. Co-incidentally, the very same activity which he is beating up Kurtz for failing to do in his coverage (or lack thereof) of his paymaster Eason Jordan at CNN!
One must respect a man who so boldly leads by example. “Come on, Howard,” the subtext of Kausfiles taunts, “Questioning the competence of your bosses is fun! All the cool kids are doing it.”
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