Hurricane Katrina: Blog Relief Day Begins

The day is here, and I would ask bloggers everyone to join in today and encourage your readers to give, give, and give some more to the Katrina relief charity of your choice.
If you are a blogger and want to participate, here’s what you should do:
1) Select a charity you’d like to support from this list or add your own.
2) Register your blog here
3) Post at least once on your blog about the charity of your choice. Make sure to include a link to Instapundit’s roundup page and the TTLB Katrina Relief page, and e-mail Instapundit the URL of your post.
4) Encourage your readers to donate to your recommended charity, and send them to the contribution logging page at TTLB to record their donations.
And yes, I am trying to encourage some friendly competition here. Tomorrow morning I will be publishing “leader boards” which show which charities are receiving the most donations, and which bloggers have been most successful in encouraging their readers to donate. So get your readership fired up!
Everything above is just my suggestion: the important thing is just to devote your energies today to doing something that will help those who have been affected by the storm. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming interest and support: now let’s see if we can do some good…

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina: Blog Relief Day Begins”

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