Katrina Blog Relief Day

As I’ve created a page for bloggers to sign up to participate in the Katrina blog relief day proposed by Hugh and seconded by Glenn. TTLB’s Katrina Relief page can now be found here.
If you are planning on supporting the effort this Thursday, here’s what I would ask you to do:
– Select a charity you’d like to recommend your readers donate to, and check if it is already listed in the TTLB database here.
– If your charity isn’t yet listed, add it by using the form here
– Register your blog using the form here
It has been a real rush job for me to hack together the code to support this stuff, so please bear with me if things aren’t quite as perfect and elegant as we all might wish.
On that note: there are a load of charities which have already indicated they will be supporting the Katrina relief effort. If someone (or someones) would start combing the blogosphere for good charities and adding them to the database, that would be wonderful. I’m focusing my time/energy on ensuring the infrastructure works, so if others could take on the data-entry work, that would be most helpful.
And for the record: I’m not in charge of this project. Nobody is. I’m stepping in to provide a way for bloggers to indicate their support for the effort because, well, I can. This is what I can do, and I encourage everyone to think about what they can do to support the goal we all share: to raise as much money and support for relief efforts to aid those effected by Katrina as we possibly can.
I’m a little fried, so I have not yet created any automated way to share the weblog and charity data with other sites that may want to create aggregators or otherwise use the information I’m collecting. I’ll try to get that done in the morning, but for now, if you want to leverage this info, please e-mail me and we’ll figure it out.
Thanks, all. Now let’s do some good…