Help Wanted

I am taking a long overdue step, and looking for some additional help to keep the Ecosystem and other TTLB functions running at their best. If you are interested in any of the positions below, please me, and if not, I’d appreciate your assistance in spreading the word. Thanks!
Ecosystem Administrators
Historically, my ability to provide prompt and effective ‘customer service’ to bloggers has been somewhere between miserable and nonexistent. It is time for that to change: my goal is that in the near future, any and all support requests will be dealt with within days or hours, not weeks or months. But, it’s foolish to think I can do that on my own, and so, I’m looking for several people to help out.
The primary responsibility of this role is simple: reviewing support tickets submitted by TTLB users and addressing them appropriately, using the same behind-the-scenes administration tools that I use. In return, the administator(s) will be listed prominently with links back to their weblogs at the top of the Ecosystem navigation bar.
I hope that this position will appeal to a few up-and-coming bloggers who have enjoyed the Ecosystem, and who would benefit from the added exposure and visibility that working with TTLB would provide. No, it’s not going to make you rich (or even pay your beer money), but it help you might get you noticed.
TTLB runs on the traditional LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) platform. I am looking for a platform expert who knows the ins and outs of running a high performance system on LAMP to perform a technical audit of the exisitng TTLB architecture and code, and make recommendations for potential performance, stability, and operational improvements.
For the audit, I am open to discussions on paying real dollars or other forms of compensation. Assuming the audit goes well, this may also lead to an ongoing relationship when I need additional development assistance or consulting expertise.

Once again, if you are interested in either of the above, or know someone who might be, please drop me a line, and thanks…